NMR-based metabolomics for organic farming traceability of early potatoes

Daniela Pacifico*, Lorena Casciani, Mena Ritota, Giuseppe Mandolino, Chiara Onofri, Anna Moschella, Bruno Parisi, Caterina Cafiero, Massimiliano Valentini

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1H HRMAS-NMR spectroscopy was successfully used to determine the metabolic profiles of 78 tubers obtained from three early genotypes grown under organic and conventional management. The variation in total hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen contents was also assessed. A PLS-DA multivariate statistical analysis provided good discrimination among the varieties and cropping systems (100% unknown samples placed in a cross-validation blind test), suggesting that this method is a powerful and rapid tool for tracing organic potatoes. As a result of the farming system, the nitrogen content decreased by 11-14% in organic tubers, whereas GABA and lysine accumulated in the organic tubers of all clones. Clear variations in primary metabolites are discussed to provide a better understanding of the metabolic pathway modifications resulting from agronomical practices.

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دوريةJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
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