Natural convection in a rotating anisotropic porous layer with internal heat generation

B. S. Bhadauria, Anoj Kumar, Jogendra Kumar, Nirmal C. Sacheti, Pallath Chandran

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In this article, linear and nonlinear thermal instability in a rotating anisotropic porous layer with heat source has been investigated. The extended Darcy model, which includes the time derivative and Coriolis term has been employed in the momentum equation. The linear theory has been performed by using normal mode technique, while nonlinear analysis is based on minimal representation of the truncated Fourier series having only two terms. The criteria for both stationary and oscillatory convection is derived analytically. The rotation inhibits the onset of convection in both stationary and oscillatory modes. Effects of parameters on critical Rayleigh number has also been investigated. A weak nonlinear analysis based on the truncated representation of Fourier series method has been used to find the Nusselt number. The transient behavior of the Nusselt number has also been investigated by solving the finite amplitude equations using a numerical method. Steady and unsteady streamlines, and isotherms have been drawn to determine the nature of flow pattern. The results obtained during the analysis have been presented graphically.

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