Modelling and Assessing the Visual Search Behaviour of Players Using a Human Computer Interaction Based System

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The implementation of wireless electronic simulation signals, as an approach to the visual search behaviour
recognition, is not a straightforward task. This paper discusses the process of modelling human interactions
in a real game by wireless electronic visual stimuli, which could lead Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
researchers in sports and education sciences to benefit from using electronic models and stimuli, as well
as to measure features. Methodology standardization would allow for a comparison of results, reliability of
findings and easier integration of the various behaviour recognition systems created. The aim of this paper is
to present a leading validation experimental process for B-percept® behaviour modelling, decision-making and
an assessing system, to provide directions on which the future research efforts, for modelling and assessing
behaviour, using HCI should be focused on.
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حالة النشرPublished - ديسمبر 20 2017

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