Mineralogy of atmospheric suspended dust in three indoor and one outdoor location in Oman

Sabah A. Abdul-Wahab*, M. A. Worthing, Seif Al-Maamari

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The aim of this work is to characterize the mineral phases present in the atmosphere at three locations in northern Oman. Samples of atmospheric particles were collected using a high volume sampler. Three indoor and one outdoor location were chosen in this investigation. Sampling locations included a residential house located nearby the cement plant, a residential house located nearby a refinery plant, and a residential house located at Al-Suwayq residential area. Indoor air was sampled from these three houses. Moreover, for the Al-Suwayq residential house, sampling was also taken outside the house for comparison. The dust samples were analysed for their microanalysis characterization and their mineral contents as well. The microanalysis enabled us to identify the metals present in the particles. Furthermore, the mineralogical analysis of the sample filters showed the presence of quartz as the principal phase inside the house of Al-Suwayq, whereas quartz, dolomite, and gypsum were common phases outside the house. In the residential house nearby the cement plant, it was found that calcite, quartz, dolomite and goethite were the principal phases whereas the particles collected from the house nearby the refinery composed primarily of dolomite and calcite. The airborne dust collected at the refinery and Al-Suwayq were probably sourced in the natural environment and mobilised by natural processes. However, at the cement factory the crushing and grinding of limestone during the industrial process has contributed significantly to the airborne dust load. Generally, the information obtained in this study will be invaluable as no data for the mineral content of atmospheric dust existed in the Oman.

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