Message latency in the 2-dimensional mesh with wormhole routing

M. Ould-Khaoua*

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Analytical models of deterministic routing in hypercubes and tori with wormhole routing have been widely reported in the literature. Greenberg and Guan (in R. Greenberg, L. Guan, Modelling and comparison of wormhole routed mesh and torus networks, Proc. 9th IASTED Int. Conf. Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, October 1997) have recently described a model of deterministic routing in the 2-dimensional mesh, which has been one of the most popular multicomputer networks. Although there have been many adaptive routing algorithms proposed for this network, there has been hardly any study that proposes an analytical model for these algorithms. This paper proposes an approximate analytical model to compute message latency in the mesh with fully-adaptive routing. Results from simulation experiments are then presented to validate the model.

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