Management of pediatric tracheo bronchial foreign body aspiration

Sudesh Kumar, Rashid Al-Abri*, Ashok Sharma, Hussain Al-Kindi, P. Mishra

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Foreign body aspiration is a relatively commonly encountered emergency in the pediatric age group. Foreign body can get lodge at any site from supraglottis to the terminal bronchioles. The removal of nasal foreign body in the pediatric age group particularly those lodged posteriorly should always be attempted under general anesthesia as it can dislodge down into the lower airway leading to fatal complications. Foreign body aspiration can result in a spectrum of presentations, from minimal symptoms, often unobserved, to respiratory compromise, failure, and even death. Children aged 1-3 years are particularly at risk because of their increasing independence, lessening of close parental supervision as they become older, increasing activity and curiosity.

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