Induced 3d and 4f magnetism in Gd1-xPrxNi2 Laves phase alloys

K. Bouziane*, C. Carboni, C. Morrison

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The series of Gd1-xPrxNi2 (x = 0.25, 0.40, and 0.60) polycrystalline samples has been investigated using x-ray diffraction and magnetometry. The x-ray diffraction measurements showed that the lattice constant and the relative intensities of the C15 superstructure I 511/I440 and I511/I220 increase with the praseodymium content, reflecting an increasing number of ordered vacancies at the 4a sites. The temperature dependences of the zero-field cooled (M ZFC(T)) and field cooled (MFC(T)) magnetizations show that a moment is induced by the gadolinium on the Pr3+ ion and on the nickel subsystem. In the ordered phase both induced moments are antiparallel to that of the Gd3+ ion. A cusp is observed at a temperature T max in the MZFC(T) curve. Both critical temperatures Tc and Tmax are found to decrease with increasing praseodymium content, indicating a reduction in strength of the antiparallel coupling for Gd-Pr and Gd-Ni pairs.

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