Generation of the figures of some fullerenes by using L-systems

Mehdi Vahidipour*, Hosein Sabaghian-Bidgoli, Gholamreza Vakili-Nezhaad

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In 1968, Aristid Lindenmayer introduced a biologically-motivated formalism for simulating the development of multi-cellular organisms, subsequently named L-systems. The applications include, on one hand, the modeling and visualization of plants at different levels of abstraction for a variety of purposes, and, on the other hand, geometric modeling of curves and surfaces. In this paper, we introduce L-system for generating NiceGraph drawing of fullerenes C20 and C60, without information about the carbon atoms coordination. We chose L-systems because they can express drawing steps in a compact way and are parallel in nature. It will be a good trend for visualizing complex supramolecules.

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