Fertility status of males working in radiology departments of teaching hospitals

O. P. Goyal, A. K. Jain, D. K. Sankhla

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All the 33 male doctors and para-medical staff employed in the Radiology Departments of two teaching hospitals have been studied for their fertility status. Their mean age was 32.5 years and they had been doing radiological work for 8.6 years on an average. Out of the 33 males, all of whom were married, one had primary infertility with severe oligospermia. He was succesfully treated with oral vitamin A and E along with a 3-month off from handling x-ray machines; the child born was healthy and normal. Another 5 subjects had been married for only less than two years and their seminograms were essentially normal. They were classified as 'Unproven fertility'. The remaining 27 persons had fathered 61 children - 16 born before the father had started working in Radiology and 45 conceived later. There was 1 case of still-birth and 1 of microcephally. However, the overall incidence of infertility and congenital defects was not significantly different than in the general population.

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