Exploring quality of e-Government services in Oman

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to understand the customer perception of service quality with respect to the e-Government services in Oman and conduct an investigation in order to determine the key factors that affect the quality of e-Government services in Oman. Design/methodology/approach: Primary data relating to the variables affecting quality of e-Government services and demographic profile data are collected using a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was designed based on literature review and focus groups. Factor analysis method is employed to identify and rank the important factors affecting service quality. Findings: The study found that the four factors listed in the descending order of importance, reliability, responsiveness, efficiency, and security are primary determinants of the quality of e-Government services in Oman. Practical implications: This research enables government organizations to enhance their understanding of customer perception of e-Government services. The customer preference information can provide useful direction to the design, implementation, and management of e-Government services. Social implications: Improved service quality of e-Government systems can enhance public participation in these systems that have been established with huge investments. The improved participation can result in increased levels of efficiency, convenience, public awareness, transparency, engagement, and information for decision-making. Originality/value: The paper addresses quality of e-Government services for the first time in Oman and in the gulf region using a carefully designed research study. The paper is of value to researchers in the area of service quality of e-Government, Government of Oman, and governments in the gulf region and other developing countries that are involved in designing and managing e-Government service systems.

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