Experimental and Modeling of Methane + Propane Double Hydrates

Khashayar Nasrifar*, Jafar Javanmardi, Ali Rasoolzadeh, Amin Shoushtari

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This work deals with equilibrium hydrate disappearance conditions of methane + propane/water to replicate the natural gas (NG)/water system. Three {(1 - y) methane + y propane} mixtures with y < 0.05 were formed, and the disappearance temperatures of the double gas hydrates were measured for a wide pressure range (3.1-10.25 MPa). The experiments confirmed that the presence of propane significantly promotes and facilitates methane hydrate disappearance conditions. In addition, a statistical model was used to describe the experimental data by neglecting the solubilities of methane and propane in water. The model satisfactorily predicts the experiments with an average absolute deviation of 0.5 K.

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