Evidence for a super-hard pomeron structure

A. Brandt*, S. Erhan, A. Kuzucu, M. Medinnis, N. Ozdes, P. E. Schlein, M. T. Zeyrek, J. G. Zweizig, J. B. Cheze, J. Zsembery

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Results are presented from a study of jet production in pp interactions with √s=630 GeV at the CERN SppS- Collider, which are tagged by a proton or antiproton which possesses more than 90% of the incident beam momentum. The hard scattering which occurs between a parton in a beam particle and another in the soft residual component (pomeron-dominated) of the tagged proton allows the pomeron's partonic structure to be investigated. The observed jet distributions are in good agreement with expectations for hard parton-parton cattering in QCD. The pomeron exhibits a hard structure like 1 - x. However, there is an additionalsignificant (30%) δ-function-like component, in which the entire momentum of the pomeron seems to participate in the hard scattering.

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دوريةPhysics Letters B
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حالة النشرPublished - ديسمبر 31 1992
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