Evaluating the performance of elite sunflower hybrids under saline conditions

Mubshar Hussain, Muhammad Farooq*, Muhammad Shehzad, M. Bismillah Khan, Abdul Wahid, Ghulam Shabir

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Salinity is a major obstacle in successful crop production. Selection of suitable varieties/hybrids of a crop is a requisite to harvest good crop from the marginal lands. This study was conducted to evaluate the performance of 13 sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hybrids in a saline field (ECe 12 dS m -1 & pH 8.02). Different hybrids showed significant variations in days to emergence, days to maturity, plant population, number of leaves per plant, plant height, number of achenes per head, 100-achene weight and achene yield when grown under saline conditions, while there was no difference amongst the hybrids for head diameter and days to flowering. Maximum achene yield was harvested from DKS-4040, G-101 and P64A93 owing to more plant population, head diameter, number of achenes per plant and heavier achenes; minimum achene yield was harvested from FH-315, Hysun-38, Hysun-39, Hyolic-41 and CF-31. In crux, sunflower hybrids DKS-4040, G-101 and P64A93 performed better under salinity stress and may be recommended for cultivation under saline conditions, while hybrids like FH-315, Hysun-38, Hysun-39, Hyolic-41 and CF-31, being sensitive to salinity stress should not be recommended for sowing in saline fields.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Agriculture and Biology
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حالة النشرPublished - 2012
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