Energy spectra and magnetic properties of diatomic molecules in the presence of magnetic and AB fields with the inversely quadratic Yukawa potential

Ridha Horchani, Hiyam Al-Aamri, Noor Al-Kindi, Akpan N. Ikot*, Uduakobong S. Okorie, Gaotsiwe J. Rampho, Haikel Jelassi

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Abstract: Within the framework of non-relativistic quantum mechanics, the inversely quadratic Yukawa potential is investigated in the presence of external magnetic and Aharonov–Bohm (AB) fields. The Schrödinger equation is solved via the Nikiforov–Uvarov functional analysis (NUFA) method, and the obtained energy eigenvalues are discussed. It is shown that the presence of the magnetic and AB fields removes the degeneracy. The partition function of the system and the thermodynamic properties of the system such as Helmholtz free energy, entropy, internal energy, specific heat and the magnetization and magnetic susceptibility of the system are calculated in detail. The magnetic properties of the QYP in the presence of the magnetic and AB fields are also discussed. Graphic Abstract: The variation of the magnetic field as a function of temperature plays an importance role in understanding of many quantum systems in physics and chemistry [Figure not available: see fulltext.]

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دوريةEuropean Physical Journal D
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حالة النشرPublished - يناير 2021
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