Effect of dates on fermentation of Appam batter

A. Manickavasagan*, Chandini S. Kumar, N. Sivakumar, R. Prathibha

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Appam is a traditional fermented Indian food prepared with rice flour, white sugar and coconut milk. In this study, the effect of replacement of white sugar with dates (paste and syrup) on fermentation quality of batter and sensory properties of the cooked product were studied. An overall increase in bulk density, microbial load and a decrease in pH were observed after 5 h fermentation. Appam batter with date syrup showed the lowest bulk density (0.80 g/cm3) and pH (5.8). The mesophilic aerobes count in batters containing date products increased during fermentation time and it was in the range of 3.62 to 6.90 log10 cfu/g during 5 h fermentation. Similarly the yeast and mold count for the date appam was in the range of 2.98 to 5.76 log10 cfu/g. The Lactobacillus count in date-syrup and date-paste batters was higher than control batter in all stages of fermentation. It was in the range of 2.30 to 5.36 log10 cfu/g for control and 3.65 to 6.24 log10 cfu/g for dates added batter during 5 h fermentation. While analysing the sensory of cooked appam, there were no differences in most of the attributes between control and dates added appam. Therefore, dates have the potential to replace white sugar in appam and several other traditional foods.

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