Effect of co-solvents on SC-CO2 extraction of crude oil by consistency test

Svetlana Rudyk*, Pavel Spirov, Shahid Hussain

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The capability of ethanol, methanol, propanol, acetone, and kirasol to improve the extraction of crude oil by supercritical carbon dioxide was investigated at 30-60 MPa and 60 °C. The co-solvent in an amount of 3 g was added in 100 mL extraction cell to modify the extraction of 40 g of oil. The applied consistency test showed that the co-solvent addition facilitated the decrease of both saturation pressures. The P1sat decreased as the average total oil recovery improved due to the effect of co-solvent in the following order: acetone, propanol, methanol, ethanol. The presence of kirasol had a substantial detrimental effect on total oil recovery. In order to determine the co-solvent effect on vapor recovery, a modified version of the consistency test, which included two types of plots, was introduced. The effect of the co-solvent on oil vapor recovery was evaluated based on the departure of the line or point corresponding to the modified extraction with the addition of specific co-solvent from the line or point corresponding to the extraction using pure supercritical carbon dioxide. The extracted oil samples were analyzed by GC-MS chromatography.

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دوريةJournal of Supercritical Fluids
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