E-participation within e-government: A bibliometric-based systematic literature review

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Through a bibliometric approach, this paper presents the results of a systematic review of the literature pertaining to e-participation and e-government. The objective of the review was to map the evolution of the current literature and identify the leading sources of knowledge in terms of the most influential journals, authors, and articles. From a total of 235 relevant articles, selected from the Scopus database, detailed citation analysis was conducted. The analysis of citation data showed that Government Information Quarterly is the leading journal in e-participation research. Lee Jooho was found to be the leading author in this field in terms of a total number of publications, total citations, and h-index, while the most cited article was authored by Vicente and Novo in 2014. The study further explored the conceptual structures such as word cloud, word dynamic trends, co-word analysis, and bibliometric coupling to show the trends. The contribution of this study is to clearly outline the current state of knowledge regarding e-participation and e-government services in the literature.

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