Dynamics of spherical metallic particles in electrostatic separators/sizers

I. A. Metwally*, A. A. A-Rahim

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This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the dynamics of spherical metallic particles in electrostatic separators/sizers (ESS). The particle equations of motion are numerically solved in three dimensions using a computational algorithm. The ESS consists of a pair of diverting conducting plates. The upper plate is energized by HVdc or HVac of variable frequency, while the lower one is earthed and mounted horizontally on a vibratory conveyor. The results reveal that the particle exhibits several phenomena during motion depending on its initial position, radius and density, angle between the diverting plates, tilt angle of the electrode system and frequency and amplitude of the applied voltage. The use of HVac shows imprecise separation/sizing process. The elucidation of the influence of vibratory-conveyor variables on the separation/sizing process is introduced in the third dimension.

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دوريةJournal of Electrostatics
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