DRASTIC-SIG, DRASTIC Pesticide et Indice de Sensibilité (SI): étude comparative pour l'évaluation de la pollution potentielle de l'aquifère superficiel de Nabeul-Hammamet, Tunisie

Makram Anane*, Bessem Abidi, Fethi Lachaal, Atef Limam, Salah Jellali

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Three vulnerability index models were applied to assess the pollution potential of Nabeul-Hammamet shallow aquifer, Tunisia: DRASTIC, Pesticide DRASTIC and the Susceptibility Index (SI). An output map layer of each one was obtained using a geographic information system (GIS). The SI layer was overlain with DRASTIC and Pesticide DRASTIC and the percentage areas of agreement and divergence in vulnerability categories were extracted. DRASTIC results suggest the aquifer has mostly low vulnerability. Pesticide DRASTIC and SI identify three vulnerability categories (low, moderate, high) in the aquifer. Published data on current chemical groundwater composition indicate that parts of the aquifer are highly contaminated, revealing that DRASTIC underestimates the risk of pollution; Pesticide DRASTIC and SI reflect this risk better. Agreement in vulnerability categories between the two last models is found for 64 % of the aquifer area. To help manage land-use allocation and prevent Nabeul-Hammamet-aquifer contamination, DRASTIC is not recommended. Pesticide DRASTIC and SI are recommended but for slightly different applications. SI helps in the monitoring of current vulnerable areas and, thus, in contamination prevention. Pesticide DRASTIC could better intervene as a criterion in a multi-criteria analysis to select the best sites for specific on-the-ground practice or future land use.

العنوان المترجم للمساهمةGIS-based DRASTIC, Pesticide DRASTIC and the Susceptibility Index (SI): Comparative study for evaluation of pollution potential in the Nabeul-Hammamet shallow aquifer, Tunisia
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