Developing environmental impact statement (EIS) guidelines for the management of environmental quality at major projects in Kuwait

Ali Mohamed Al-Damkhi, Sabah Ahmed Abdul-Wahab, Bader Naser Al-Khalaf, Abeer Sa ad Al-Nafisi

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Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to set guidelines for the development and review of environmental impact statements (EIS) for major development projects proposed in the third review of the Kuwait Master Plan (KMP3). Best practices for environmental quality management to alleviate the impact of these projects on the environment are discussed. Design/methodology/ approach - The paper selects six major projects proposed for the period (2005-2030) in KMP3. These projects include construction of new towns, power plants, highways, hospitals, waterfront projects and sanitary engineering projects. The current environmental impact assessment (EIA) system in Kuwait is reviewed and a comprehensive proposal to develop or review EISs for each of the six projects is recommended. Findings - The projects selected are known to have adverse environmental impacts. The proposed EIS system will help developers prepare and submit a comprehensive EIS to obtain an environmental permit from the Environment Public Authority in Kuwait. Practical implications - The proposed guidelines could be modified and applied to EISs for similar projects in other Gulf countries and other regions in the world that have similar climate conditions and geographies. Originality/value - It is hoped that the proposed EIS guidelines will qualify as best practices for environmental quality management of comparable projects. The guidelines should reduce the time involved for preparing EISs and promote greater content accuracy in addition to promoting a "cleaner production" approach for these projects.

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