Design of a reconfigurable wheelchair with a sit-to-stand facility for a disabled kid

K. M. Goher*, M. Shafiq, A. Al-Yahmadi

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The objective of this work is to design and build a reconfigurable wheelchair for the purpose of rehabilitation and self-assistance for disabled 25kg child. The proposed work aims at developing a wheelchair with a mechanism that enables the wheelchair user to transform from sit to stand posture and vice versa. This configuration will allow the user to use the wheelchair as a mobility device as well as for rehabilitation purposes without need any external support. The main idea of this project is to allow blood circulation in the legs as sitting for long periods do not allow the blood to circulate normally through the legs and hence inflates the disability. This wheelchair also allows disabled people to stand, complete activities to equate them to normal people and make them capable of assisting themselves without the need of any help or feeling embarrassed. The special feature of this wheelchair is that it has to be of a low cost comparing to other wheelchairs with the same functionality.

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