Design and development of personalized learning environments

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This chapter describes a pedagogical approach to engage students in online learning environments, using XNAMEX Becta's model for personalized learning and student engagement (PLEaSE). PLEaSE maximizes learning out comes by supporting students at times and in places that are appropriate to their needs and in ways that suit their personal dispositions In this study, students are encouraged to explore, develop, reflect and construct their own knowledge and create their own learning content, while the instructor plays the role of coach and facilitator. This study is part of an ongoing action research project on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) in Higher Education, whose purpose is to design and develop the Pedagogy of Engagement Integrating Technology (PoEIT) model. PoEIT engages learners in the use of online tools such as forums and blogs while developing their soft skills using Moodle platform. This study shows that with the right integration of pedagogy and technology students can be transformed to become independent learners.

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العنوان الفرعي لمنشور المضيفAssessing Future Trends In Education
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