Densities for ternary system of CaCl2-H2O-CO2 at elevated P-T: An experimental and modeling approach

Alireza Bastami, Peyman Pourafshary*, Ali Shafiei

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Very few thermodynamic models exist for estimation of density alteration due to solution of CO2 in a pure H2O and CaCl2-H2O system. All of these models require density of CaCl2 solution to estimate density of CaCl2-H2O-CO2 system. Similarly, models presented to calculate CaCl2 solution density need pure H2O density in advance. The main approach to model density of CaCl2-H2O-CO2 system is based on estimation of density alteration of CaCl2-H2O system due to the solution of CO2 mole fraction. Hence, to estimate CO2-CaCl2-H2O system density, density of CaCl2 solution is necessary, and to estimate density of CaCl2-H2O system, density of pure H2O is required in advance. Firstly in this paper, density of 0, 1.91, and 4.85 mol/kg CaCl2 solutions saturated with CO2 at 328.15 to 375.15K and 68.9 to 206.8 Bar were measured through laboratory experiments. Then, a new model is developed to estimate the density of CaCl2 solutions containing CO2 based on the experiments conducted in this study. The average and maximum absolute deviations of the new model from the experimental data are 0.0047 and 0.0177, respectively. Hence, the new model combined with other existing models to separately calculate density of the CaCl2 solution can be used to accurately predict density of the CaCl2-H2O-CO2 system in a wide range of P-T applicable for subsurface reservoirs.

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