Couple stress Darcy-Forchheimer nanofluid flow by a stretchable surface with nonuniform heat source and suction/injection effects

Kamel Guedri, Kamel Al-Khaled, Sami Ullah Khan, M. Ijaz Khan*, Samia Elattar, Ahmad M. Galal

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The thermal enhancement of industrial and engineering processes with interaction of nanofluids is exclusively important and presents applications in extrusion systems, heat transfer devices, electronic chips, chemical reactions, nuclear processes, etc. Owing to such motivated significance of nanofluids, the aim of this investigation is to present the heat and mass transfer phenomenon in the Couple stress nanofluid flow containing the microorganism due to oscillatory stretched surface. Additionally, the Darcy-Forchheimer applications, nonuniform heat source and nonlinear thermal radiation effects are considered. The modification in the concentration equation is done by activation energy. The independent variables in the defined flow system are decreased via suitable variables. The computation is simulated using the homotopy analysis method. It is noticed that the magnitude of velocity periodically decreases for larger values of suction parameter and inertia coefficient. The presence of an external heat source parameter enhanced the temperature profile. Moreover, the increment in the suction parameter improves the heat and mass transfer rate.

اللغة الأصليةEnglish
رقم المقال2250214
دوريةInternational Journal of Modern Physics B
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حالة النشرAccepted/In press - 2022
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