Comprehending the Cycle two of the Basic Education Learning Physical Education: Literature Review of the Physical Education Omani Curriculum

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This paper considers comprehending the cycle two student of the basic education learning physical
education. General reviews will utilize the learners’ motivation and ability to reflect on the general
Omani educational goal. The literature was review all the physical education curriculum cycle two
from basic education. Also review to the physical education
Also result shows that there is no doubt, that the current physical education curriculum needs
improvement regards razing motivation of learners and need to develop a new concept of learning
physical education to student in cycle two of basic education in Oman. The study recommends
many recommendations, where the most important were the need of give more effort in identify
new definition involves many important designations which are stated by persons in physical
education today. These are like, the physical education has designation as education, as physical
development, as motor skill, as health, as growth and development as big muscle movement and
as activity as human movement
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  • learning Physical Education, cycle two students, basic education, curriculum

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