Clinical and histological profile of surgically managed benign adnexal masses

Vaidyanathan Gowri*, Maryam Al Shukri, Maha Al Khaduri, Lovina Machado

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Objective: To study the clinical and histological nature of benign adnexal masses managed surgically. Methods: A retrospective descriptive study in a teaching hospital in Oman of all the women who had surgical management of benign adnexal masses from January 2008 to May 2012. Data pertaining to age, parity, presenting symptoms, imaging and tumor markers performed and the surgical intervention done on those women with benign adnexal masses was collected from the electronic health records of the patients. Results: There were 198 women during this period operated for benign adnexal masses. The most common benign neoplasm was mature teratoma of the ovary followed by endometriosis. Conservative surgery in the form of ovarian cystectomy was necessary in three fourths of women and in about just less than 50% of women, the procedure was completed laparoscopically. Conclusion: The most common benign tumor was teratoma but laparoscopic approach, which is the standard of care in these women, was possible only in just about 50% of the women.

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