Citizen perception on environmental responsibility of the corporate sector in rural areas

B. S. Choudri, Mahad Baawain*, Khalifa Al-Zeidi, Hamood Al-Nofli, Rashid Al-Busaidi, Khalifa Al-Fazari

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A study was undertaken in order to understand people perceptions on environmental responsibility of the corporate sector in the Al-Wusta region of Oman. Since the year 2011, this region has become very important area for corporate sector because of the establishment of Special Economic Zone in Duqm, currently housed with activities related to port, ship repair and dry dock, fisheries, petrochemicals, hotels and resorts. The survey was conducted in the year 2014 covering four Wilayats of the governorate. The information was collected through questionnaire survey with a sample size of 1150 households in the region and their concerns about local conservation and management practices related environment by the corporate sector. Survey results indicated that citizens are aware about the possible impacts of projects implemented by various companies and that companies need to have greater concern toward management and monitoring of local resources such as biodiversity, fisheries, livestock, quality of air and noise including organizational setup, regular monitoring and comply with national environmental regulations within companies to address environmental problems. This study suggest that corporate sector in the region needs to be more organized, responsible toward developing healthy relationships among community through awareness and capacity-building activities for achieving the goals of environmental sustainability.

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دوريةEnvironment, Development and Sustainability
المعرِّفات الرقمية للأشياء
حالة النشرAccepted/In press - سبتمبر 8 2016

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