Barriers to Integrating Research Into Clinical Nursing Practice

Maen Aljezawi*, Mohammad Al Qadire, Mohammed H. Alhajjy, Loai Issa Tawalbeh, Aliyah Hadi Alamery, Sami Aloush, Mohammed AlBashtawy

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Background: Using research findings in clinical practice is a cornerstone in improving the quality of care, but nurses face different barriers in doing so. Purpose: The purpose was to explore barriers to research utilization in clinical practice as perceived by nurses. Method: A cross-sectional survey was done using a convenience sampling method in a single specialist hospital in Saudi Arabia. The Barriers to Research Utilization questionnaire was used to collect data. Results: The mean overall score (out of 4) for the Barriers questionnaire was 2.67 (SD = 0.47). The 3 most reported barriers were lack of time, physician cooperation, and other staff support. Nurses working in pediatric and maternity units reported more barriers. Conclusion: Clinical setting factors are those most perceived by nurses as barriers to integrating research into practice. Reforms in the clinical areas should take place to overcome these barriers.

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دوريةJournal of Nursing Care Quality
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