Barrier height variations and interface properties of PtSi/Si structures

A. Sellai*, P. Dawson

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To study some of the interfacial properties of PtSi/Si diodes, Schottky structures were fabricated on (100) crystalline silicon substrates by conventional thermal evaporation of Pt on Si followed by annealing at different temperatures (from 400°C to 700°C) to form PtSi. The PtSi/n-Si diodes, all yielded Schottky barrier (SB) heights that are remarkably temperature dependent. The temperature range (20-290 K) over which the I-V characteristics were measured in the present study is broader with a much lower limit (20K), than what is usually reported in literature. These variations in the barrier height are adequately interpreted by introducing spatial inhomogeneity into the barrier potential with a Gaussian distribution having a mean barrier of 0.76 eV and a standard deviation of 30 meV. Multi-frequency capacitance-voltage measurements suggest that the barrier is primarily controlled by the properties of the silicide-silicon interface. The forward C-V characteristics, in particular, show small peaks at low frequencies that can be ascribed to interface states rather than to a series resistance effect.

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