Attributes influencing meeting planners' destination selection: A case of Orlando, Florida

Adi Hayat, Kimberly Severt*, Deborah Breiter, Khaldoon Nusair, Fevzi Okumus

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The current study used Orlando, Florida as a case study, and investigated whether there are differences between the three meeting planner types (association, corporate, third party) in regard to destination selection attributes. The study further identified attributes that affect future bookings to Orlando. Data were collected from a nationwide survey of meeting planners with a usable sample of 2,388 completed phone surveys and 118 completed online questionnaires. One significant difference was found between the three meeting planner types. This research was performed in the midst of the recent recession and explored the impact the recession has had on planning meetings. Some effects of the economic downturn on the events industry are decreased attendance and more conservative budgets. Most association meeting planners did not cancel or postponed their events, although all planners agree that attendance to their meetings decreased. Third-party planners seemed to be the most sensitive to budget allocations.

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