An insight into industrial accidents involving the hand

Shalimar Abdullah*, J. M. Jaafar, S. Das, J. Sapuan

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Background. Industrial hand injuries are a common occurrence and contributes to a large segment of workers' morbidity. The main aim of this study was to look into the day pattern, types and location of upper limbs injures, identify the types of machines involved and highlight the treatment received. Materials and Methods. The present study was performed on 57 industrial workers admitted and treated by the Orthopaedic team of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) for acute injuries sustained whilst working. Results. The majority of the workers were male (93%). The commonest age group involved was between 25-35 years (48%). The right hand was injured more then the left with majority of injuries involving the fingers. Interestingly, we also observed that injuries occurred more on Saturdays. Laceration was the most common injury followed by fractures and crush injuries. Treatment depends on the type and severity of injuries. For most lacerated wounds, treatment was debridement, primary suturing and antibiotic therapy. Injuries on Saturdays indicated that workers needed a longer time break especially during weekends after a long hectic week. Conclusions. Injuries sustained by workers may be prevented by proper working techniques and conditions together with wearing of protective gadgets.

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