Alleviating channel bandwidth constraints in multicomputer networks

Mohamed Ould-Khaoua*, L. M. Mackenzie, R. Sutherland

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Implementation technology places bandwidth constraints on network channels, and these are important factors in determining how well the theoretical properties of a particular network topology can be exploited. However, not only must great care be taken in deciding which constraint is applicable in a particular technology, but also due attention must be given to examining whether a given topology may, by its nature, be able to exploit optimal partitioning and interconnection design to alleviate the effects of that constraint. This paper surveys current thinking on these matters, and, in this context, describes the Distributed Crossbar Switch Hypermesh (DCSH). It then shows how the DCSH can employ an efficient layered implementation to reduce substantially the effects of conventional bandwidth limitations, from which traditional networks suffer, including the mesh, torus, and binary hypercube.

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