Addition of Gallic Acid Overcomes Resistance to Cisplatin in Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines

Najwa Al Balushi, Syed Imran Hassan, Nada Abdullah, Buthaina Al Dhahli, Shadia Al Bahlani, Ikhlas Ahmed, Benjamin K. Tsang, Sergey Dobretsov, Yahya Tamimi, Ikram A. Burney

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OBJECTIVE: Ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer-related mortality in women, and is often associated with drug resistance. Therefore, finding effective drugs, including naturally derived compounds, is urgently needed. Herein, we aimed to test the anti-cancer potential of gallic acid monohydrate (GA) and its congeners on cisplatin-sensitive (A2780S), and resistant (A2780CP) ovarian cancer and normal ovarian (HOSE6-3) cell lines. METHODS: Cytotoxicity was assessed by AlamarBlue and CCK08 assays by exposing cells to different concentrations of cisplatin (0-21µg/mL), GA and its congeners (0-100µg/mL), and a combination of GA and cisplatin. Apoptosis was estimated by Hoechst stain and monitoring the relative RNA expression of the apoptotic effector caspase-3 using qRT-PCR. RESULTS: GA decreased cell viability in a concentration-dependent manner in all cell lines, with an IC50 of 19.39µg/mL (A2780S), 35.59 µg/mL (A2780CP), and 49.32µg/mL (HOSE6-3). GA displayed higher cytotoxicity than its congeners. An apoptotic rate estimation of approximately 20% and 30% was obtained in A2780S and A2780CP. While the cytotoxicity observed with cisplatin and GA was comparable, combining the two enhanced the cytotoxicity significantly, especially in the A2780CP cell line (p<0.05). CONCLUSION: These data suggest that GA may help overcome the resistance. Hence, the cytotoxic effects of GA, especially on chemo-resistant ovarian cancer cells merit further investigation.

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