A vision of flexible dispatchable hybrid solar-wind-energy storage power plant

Mostafa Bakhtvar*, Amer Al Hinai, Mohamed S. El Moursi, Mohammed H. Albadi

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Dispatchable renewable generation is essential for 100% renewables power system. It is in the interest of both power system operators and customers since it reduces the need for flexibility and reserve. To this end, battery energy storage systems (BESS) are proposed for integration in the renewable power plant. This paper presents the optimal dispatch unit for a dispatchable hybrid solar-wind power plant with BESS framework. It achieves optimal dispatchable renewable generation (from dispatchable hybrid renewable (solar-wind) power plant with BESS, DHRB, operator perspective), subject to operational limits, by exploiting the synergy of wind and solar energy and combining it with storage capability of BESS using two different operation strategies, maximisation of revenues and maximisation of renewables harvesting. A continuous BESS degradation model is incorporated in the proposed rolling-algorithm-based-optimal dispatch unit to improve the accuracy of results. The applicability of the proposed methodology and the performance of the operation strategies are demonstrated using a case study and the operation strategies are compared. Further, the effect of BESS size on its degradation and dispatchable power in a hybrid solar-wind power plant with BESS are investigated through BESS lifetime. An indicative economic analysis is carried out to provide ground for the extra investment on and sizing of BESS for a dispatchable hybrid renewable power plant.

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