A parametric equation relating resistivity to capillary pressure for Omani sandstone

A. S. Bemani*, F. H. Boukadi, H. Maamari

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Capillary pressure and resistivity are important parameters that are mostly used in reservoir and petrophysical characterization. Capillary pressure data remain difficult to obtain and classical experimental methods used are questionable and not very adequate. One major drawback in running capillary pressure experiments is the use of fluids other than formation fluids. Another resides in the difficulty to measure capillary pressure at representative reservoir conditions. One more drawback, to name a few, is the experiments time which remains very prolonged, especially when the formation to be characterized is tight because the fluid drainage can take up months if not more. To overcome the intrinsic difficulties of having representative data, an empirical equation relating resistivity to capillary pressure was developed. In this work, twenty-five core plugs of Omani sandstone have been used in an attempt to come up with a representative correlation.

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