A new approach for weight derivation using data envelopment analysis in the analytic hierarchy process

S. M. Mirhedayatian, R. Farzipoor Saen*

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Recently, some researches have been carried out in the context of using data envelopment analysis (DEA) models to generate local weights of alternatives from pairwise comparison matrices used in the analytic hierarchy process (AHP). One of these models is the DEAHP. The main drawback of the DEAHP is that it generates counter-intuitive priority vectors for inconsistent pairwise comparison matrices. To overcome the drawbacks of the DEAHP, this paper proposes a new procedure entitled Revised DEAHP, and it will be shown that this procedure generates logical weights that are consistent with the decision maker's judgements and is sensitive to changes in data of the pairwise comparison matrices. Through a numerical example, it will be shown that the Revised DEAHP not only produces correct weights for inconsistent matrices but also does not suffer from rank reversal when an irrelevant alternative is added or removed.

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