A developed framework of mediating role of inbound innovation strategy between bos and innovation performance

Muhammad Shafiq, Rosmaini Tasmin, Muhammad Imran Qureshi

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Innovation research has got a very significant value in modern research. In contemporary galvanized world, supremacy of new innovation strategies has taken over older strategies. Inbound and outbound innovation strategies have moved from resources based closed innovations within the organization to relation based innovations via interaction with outside world of organizations and customers. There have been research on the relationship of these open innovation strategies with organizational performance and innovation performance. But there was a great need of the empirical research on the impacts these strategies make on innovation performance in Malaysian manufacturing industries. As Malaysia is on slide on world innovation index from 31st to 37th in last five years, an alarm for academics, researchers, industry and government. This endeavor meets that objective. After introduction of the main constructs, a detailed literature review is presented. And a research framework is designed on the basis of the literature. AN updated model of innovation is proposed for BOS and innovation performance. This is an empirical study so the hypothesis are formulated. It is a quantitative research study so data was collected from all over the Malaysian manufacturing and services sector to have a detailed view of the industry. Appropriate different statistical tests are applied to display results considering the requirements of industry, academia and other stake holders. In the end results are presented, and the conclusion is provided for the benefits of Malaysian industries and government. Some insights in the future research area are also provided for the researchers.

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