A cloud- side decision offloading scheme for mobile cloud computing

Hamid Jadad, Abderezak Touzene, Khaled Day, Nasser Alzeidir

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Mobile code offloading is one of the techniques that are used to migrate computation-intensive tasks of mobile applications from mobile devices to the cloud. Many offloading systems make online offloading decisions to ensure that offloading provides significant gain in battery saving and execution time. However, this offloading decision process produces a significant overhead when it is implemented in the mobile device. We call these approaches device-side approaches. In this paper, we propose a new offloading approach that shifts the offloading decision process components to the cloud. In other words, the offloading decision is made in the cloud and we call it cloud-side offloading approach. The evaluation results show that the new cloud-side's approach saves around 20% of energy and execution time compared to the device-side approach.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Machine Learning and Computing
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