A bibliometric analysis of pricing models in supply chain

Syed Asif Raza*

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Supply Chain and distribution management has gained prominence in a global economy. The pricing decisions are widely seen at the heart of a supply chain with an augmented growth of interest. This paper presents a systematic literature review of pricing models in supply chain focusing on quantitative models. Using contemporary bibliometric analysis tools, we have systematically analyzed over 639 peer-reviewed articles from leading journals. An exploratory analysis of the articles is presented to uncover the fundamental features such as: influential authors, productive countries, publication growth, yearly publication growth, among others. A visualization of these articles is performed using a network analysis. Two co-citation network analyses are performed to reveal the clusters (topics) based on modularity and centrality performance measures. Later, this analysis is supported with the dynamic co-citation analysis to elaborate the evolution of the research clusters over time. A keyword co-occurrence network is also presented to determine the emerging trends. A cluster-based content analysis is conducted on to find out the significance of the current themes and emerging trends along with the influential groups. Findings from the proposed systematic analysis aid illustrating how research has evolved over time and point to the potential future themes.

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دوريةJournal of Revenue and Pricing Management
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