3-D Dynamic UAV Base Station Location Problem

Cihan Tugrul Cicek, Zuo-Jun Max Shen, Hakan Gultekin, Bulent Tavli

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We address a dynamic covering location problem of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Base Station (UAV-BS), where the location sequence of a single UAV-BS in a wireless communication network is determined to satisfy data demand arising from ground users. This problem is especially relevant in the context of smart grid and disaster relief. The vertical movement ability of the UAV-BS and non-convex covering functions in wireless communication restrict utilizing classical planar covering location approaches. Therefore, we develop new formulations to this emerging problem for a finite time horizon to maximize the total coverage. In particular, we develop a mixed-integer non-linear programming formulation which is non-convex in nature, and propose a Lagrangean Decomposition Algorithm (LDA) to solve this formulation. Due to high complexity of the problem, the LDA is still unable to find good local solutions to large-scale problems. Therefore, we develop a Continuum Approximation (CA) model and show that CA would be a promising approach in terms of both computational time and solution accuracy. Our numerical study also shows that the CA model can be a remedy to build efficient initial solutions for exact solution algorithms.
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حالة النشرPublished - ديسمبر 9 2020

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